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Gulf Harbors Life: Ruby's Road

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 Ruby's Road: Southland

Ruby's RoadThe olfactory sense can trigger memories and images buried deep away from mundane daily synapse firing. The smell of a wet sidewalk after a summer rain, a box of new crayons and of course, Play-Doh can instantaneously reawaken childhood past as easily as the smell of stale beer resurfaces the days of brutal college bash hangovers. Back from a 2-week Florida stint visiting family, I caught a sudden whiff on the air that awakened a familiar but seldom visited brain quadrant of teenage years – Allman Brothers and The Outlaws suddenly shook loose in full surround sound from somewhere within the surviving cells of that late 60's era of wild experimentation, peace and love stirred with a smattering of youthful hormonal rage. But what was that aroma plunging me into recall?

Article submitted by DawneBelloise Posted by Editor on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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 Ruby's Road: Shiva Diva

Ruby's RoadBy Dawne Belloise

It's unfathomable that a flower child could come through the 60s and into the 70s without ever having taken a yoga class. I listened to plenty of Ravi Shankar's sitar while reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead in an altered state. I could sit perfectly still for hours on end watching the air move. Somehow, I experienced the entire era unscathed by yoga. We were all pretty flexible back then in our younger days – it went hand-in-hand with the generation's philosophy. Go with the flow, bend like a tree agility and dance all night to psychedelic sounds and amoeba-like light shows crawling across the walls.

Article submitted by dawnebelloise Posted by Editor on Thursday, July 26, 2007

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 Ruby's Road: Born Again

Ruby's RoadBy Dawne Belloise Photos By Dawne Belloise

“Almost cut my hair. It happened just the other day. It was getting kinda long. I could have said it was in my way. But I didn’t and I wonder why. I feel like lettin’ my freak flag fly. I feel like I owe it to someone…” David Crosby (CSN&Y)

“I think it may be time for you to let Ruby give up the ghost,” my editor said of the 72 VW bug I had sunk over $4k into over various and continuous mechanical ailments. There she sat in her red splendor, dead again by the side of the road. A glorified lawn mower... how hard can it be to find someone who knows what they're doing to work on her? Beyond foolish adoration and the somewhat disturbing humanization of a machine, Ruby represents an era, an entire hippie generation of mobility and freedom, a lifestyle choice and philosophy. And as a bonus… 30 miles to the gallon. However, similarly to that love-generation's dream of changing the world, sometimes Ruby just didn't get as far down the road as I had hoped.

Article submitted by dawnebelloise Posted by Editor on Friday, June 22, 2007

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 Ruby's Road: Season of Giving

Ruby's RoadSeason of Giving: Making a difference in the world
By Dawne Belloise

It's been called the season of giving, and let's face it, getting is tremendous fun too. For a small town, Crested Butte has diverse shopping opportunities from the funky little gift shops and galleries to the magnificent. With all the Butte Bucks sold out almost instantly, people all over the valley will be getting some mighty fine gifts and deals from local shops.

On a global scale this season, there are ample opportunities to uplift the world in a way that will have an outlasting, life altering effect on the recipients for generations. Some local organizations and individuals have chosen to make a difference by getting involved. You can too, with minimal effort and contribution. Here are a few of the alternatives of gifting, that are connected locally but have far reaching results.

Note: Editor Note: As with all Ruby's Road articles, this has a Crested Butte, Co. flavor to it, but the message contained within is global. Do what you can and have a happy holiday!

Article submitted by dawnebelloise Posted by Editor on Thursday, December 14, 2006

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 Ruby's Road: Bugging Out

Ruby's Road
Story and Photo by Dawne Belloise

Editor Note: Anyone who has hiked Anclote Key or Caladesi Island a few days after a summer rain can relate to this article by roving photo-journalist Dawne Belloise.

Traveling in a vintage VW bug is like traveling with a child. In the diaper bag are spare fuses, a couple of plastic bauble fuel filters, belts, screwdriver, duct tape, baling twine and extra clothing in case all of that doesn't work and you have to hike out or spend the night on a mountain pass. But the most valuable commodity of utmost necessity is insect repellant. No matter what anyone tells you about the dangers of using it, Deet is your best friend this time of year. Any long-term detrimental physical effects are offset by the voracious vampire black flies populating the woods looking for a picnic…and you are the main course through dessert. Go all out. I'm not talking about miniscule portions of active ingredient emulsified into a sweet coconut almond silkiness … no, I'm talking about 98% unadulterated poison suspended in stinky, slimy oil slathered everywhere. And still, those little black buzzers will find the one tiny square nano-meter patch of skin that your outstretched fingers could not reach and they will work that spot like your last nerve. A convergence of incessantly buzzing wings and teeth on unprotected epidermis.

Article submitted by Editor Posted by Editor on Friday, August 4, 2006

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 Ruby's Road: Game Of Love-eDating

Ruby's Roadby Dawne Belloise

"If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain. If you'd like making love at midnight in the dunes on the Cape. Then I'm the love that you've looked for write to me and escape" - Rupert Holmes

Valentine's Day, the day your sweetie showers you with extra attention, the card companies make a fortune, everything's coming up roses for florists, and lovers are swimming in chocolates and candied hearts that taste like sugared chalk professing intimacies like Be Mine, True Love and Cool Dude. But what if you don't have a special someone and you're an unwilling member of the Lonely Hearts Club? In Crested Butte, where claims of the odds are good but the goods are odd, both sexes have turned to online dating services - the modern equivalent of mail order brides and grooms. The word “import” in the local vocabulary has nothing to do with manufactured overseas products.

Article submitted by Editor Posted by Editor on Sunday, February 26, 2006

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 Ruby's Road: Closet Country Girl

Ruby's Road

story and photo by Dawne Belloise

It's true, I was once the local rock n roll goddess slamming to crazed crowds at Kochevar's, the Coachlight, and Talk of the Town. But there was that dirty little secret that could never be admitted lest the smoke and mirrors of angst and spandex would fall away exposing the real singer beneath…I love emoto-schlock songs.

That southern twang in my singing voice wasn't inherently of the Bronx. It came from watching endless episodes of the Porter Wagoner Show. So when asked if I had ever sung or listened to a lot of country music, I feared alas, they've outed me. After all, country wasn't the hip genre among the new punk alternative. Chrissy Hynd. Patti Smith. Pat Benatar. Those were real women in music. But in truth, my inner rock star was a closet Dolly Parton worshipper. I adored Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. Patsy Cline was the ultimate of smooth and hip. But it wasn't something admitted to if you were honing the image of tough.

Note: Editor: With the recent invasion of the Tampa Bay area by the Gasparilla pirates and all those who come to celebrate their festive arrival I thought this was a timely article. Music events of every kind accompany the annual invasion, with Country music stars almost equaling the number of pirate invaders .

Article submitted by Editor Posted by Editor on Wednesday, February 1, 2006

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 Ruby's Road: Fresh Garbage - Trash and treasure

Ruby's Road

by Dawne Belloise photo by Dawne Belloise

It's garbage day after the Christmas frenzy and the streets of Crested Butte are lined with clear plastic bags filled with ribbons, wadded wrapping paper, and all the trimmings stuffed into overflowing trash cans bulging like holiday extra pounds over tight jean waistlines. Last year's unwanted items sit abandoned at the curb to make way for this year's latest must-haves. You can tell much about the demographics of a community by its trash…or how long it takes for stuff to get snatched up and recycled into someone else's household. From TVs to Foreman grills, almost new 12-cup coffee makers to halogen torchieres, Crested Butte is a gold mine for the recycling garbage-meister.

Note: Editor: This story is the first in a series posted by my sister and traveling photo journalist, Dawne Belloise. Although these articles originate in Crested Butte, Colorado, for the Crested Butte Weekly, you will find many of the topics apply here and are always entertaining. These articles are posted with all permissions granted.

Article submitted by Editor Posted by Editor on Friday, January 6, 2006

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