Help make a movie in our area!!
Date: Thursday, July 17, 2014
Topic: Community

Many of the residents in Gulf Harbor visit the Citgo station on Floramar as you drive in and out on their daily commutes to work and home, or just stop on for beverages and bait.

Many of us know the owners, who live right here in Gulf Harbor, and the rest of the crew there.
Most of you know Todd, the long haired friendly guy who enjoys talking to you when you come in, always friendly and always helpful. But did you know he is also an independent film maker?

Todd Peska is the owner of Metraricus Productions, LLC. He has been writing, acting, and directing for more than 20 years, starting in his 20's in Michigan on local public access.

He made his first movie in 2005, "True Love" which he wrote directed and co-produced.
"It never went anywhere, but it was agreat learning experience." Peska says.

Now Todd is trying to shoot a movie right here in central Florida. "Cara's Path is a story of loss and redemption. Cara is a 16 year old girl who's life is turned upside down when her parents die in a tragic accident." Todd says of the story. "She turns her back on everyone and follows a bad path. The whole time, we can see, even though she cant that every action she does is being fed to her by a demon she cant see."

Peska labels the movie as a Christian thriller. "It is geared for everyone to enjoy. There is a powerful message in the movie, but it is set in a great mainstream story that anyone can enjoy."

Todd has the project on crowdfunding sites and to raise seed money to get it started. He has the story tag posted as well as a preview he shot this spring. He is asking for any ones support that can help get the very small amount together to get the preliminary work done.

You can help get the project started and get gifts for your contributions by going to:


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